Osmania Medical College & General Hospital HDR Panoramas in High Resolution

Do I love my college? It’s kinda similar to asking- do you love your country or your city? I don’t know about others but I won’t be 100% truthful if I say- Yes, I love my college/city/country. The problem being that I know too many faults and shortcomings of the college to be able to say it’s the best college ever (or something like that). Complaining about their college is probably one of the favorite pastimes of any student. Same thing would apply to city or country.

In spite of all this, the reality is that something doesn’t need to be perfect for it to be loved. The beauty of love lies is in it’s defying all reason. It is hard not to develop an affection towards something that has given you so much. It develops unknowingly and manifests in subtle ways. Now when I think of it, it seems I do love my college as well as my country. I am ready to forgive it for all the disappointments it has given me and look at only the good things that came to me because of it, which are very many.

As a modest tribute to my college, I have tried to combine art and technology and come up with this product. It is an HDR Panorama of the college and hospital building. HDR is basically a technique where different parts of a photo have different contrasts, so that there are no dull areas or extremely bright areas. A certain method of application of this technique gives the photo a very artistic look, which I am a big fan of. “Panorama” as you may know, is a combination of multiple photos stitched together by software, basically used for things that can’t be easily captured in a single photo. You can find the photos below:

(These are only small sized previews. Please click the image to get the full resolution image. Then Right-click and “Save Image As” to download it.)

Osmania Medical College HDR Panorama

Osmania Medical College, Koti, Hyderabad.

Osmania General Hospital HDR Panorana

Osmania General Hospital, Afzalgunj, Hyderabad.

Each of these photos has been made by stitching together more than 30 images. Each of the component images was given the HDR effect. The technical details are as follows: Camera- Nikon D5100, Lens: 18-55 mm Kit Lens, Image Format: RAW (NEF), HDR Software: Photomatix Pro, Panorama Software: Kolor Autopano Giga, Final touch-up in Adobe Photoshop CS6.

The basic reason for this post is to make all these photos available online so that anyone can use it if they need to. I also have a store of some other photos. Here is a photo I had captured and edited from Google Earth. It is the satellite view of our college:

Satellite View of Osmania Medical College

Satellite View of Osmania Medical College


These are the other Hospitals associated with Osmania Medical College:

I have been involved with the designing of a lot of posters, Facebook posters and cover pics, souvenirs, ID cards etc. in the college. If anyone reading this post wants any particular image or resource apart from these, please feel to contact me using the contact form on this page.


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